Yamamoto coat, black, size 2 (S) NP 1750 €

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Product name: Yamamoto coat

Brand: Yamamoto

Material: 100% wool

* Chemical or hand wash cleaning. Please observe the care instructions.

Product description: Asymmetrical, very elaborate and interestingly cut coat. It is made of two different fabrics: knit wool, and solid wool. The sleeves are made of solid wool, lined. The jacket is closed with a bolt. One side is open - so you can play. Brilliant. Fantastic, other details see pictures!

Color: black (the color of the photos can differ by camera & light

Article condition: Note 1



 1   -  item is NEW with or without label

2+ -  very good, article has almost no use traces

 -  Item in good condition with normal usage traces

2-  -  the fabric in a good condition but with small defects such as stain or small holes

3    -  Items in good condition with stronger usage traces

3-  -  Items still bearable, however, with strong usage traces and possibly defects

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