Annette Görtz Trousers / Stretch-Trousers Gr. 38 black

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Special fashion for special women ...

Discover the most beautiful parts from the collections of Annette Görtz. Rely on the fact that we select the clothes we offer very carefully and always make sure that everything can be combined. This results in the most original outfits, in which you feel really comfortable and which highlight your uniqueness. And that is important to us ...


Article name: Annette Görtz Hose / Stretch-Hose Gr. 38 black


Material: 33% linen, 33% cotton, 30% polyamide, 4% elastane

Color: black (the color of the photos may differ by camera & light)

Product Description: Superschöne Annette Görtz stretch pants with banana-shaped legs. At the bottom of the leg there is a slit, which can be closed with pressure buttons. This is very beautifully enclosed in beige. A great contrast, which can be noticed at a second glance. Such loving details make Annette Görtz-Fashion only loving. In front and behind are two pockets. The pants are closed with a zipper. Super casual and elegant at the same time thanks to the high quality material !!!

Is of uncompromising quality and has been processed just as well ... who knows ANNETTE GÖRTZ knows the high quality!

Please also note the dimensions as the sizes vary depending on the manufacturer

Size 38

Waistband: approx. 41/42 cm

Total length: approx. 95 cm (front at the seam measured), back approx. 82 cm

Lower leg: approx. 16 cm


Condition: 1


 1   -  item is NEW with or without label

2+ -  very good, article has almost no use traces

 -  Item in good condition with normal usage traces

2-  -  the fabric in a good condition but with small defects such as stain or small holes

3    -  Items in good condition with stronger usage traces

3-  -  Items still bearable, however, with strong usage traces and possibly defects

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